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Social, human and infrastructure change

Orchestration of human, financial and facility resources

Types of projects 

  • Improvement of the cohesion of the management and employees and sensitization of the management team to the stakes and benefits of participation
  • Strategic alignment of the executive team and respective contribution to strategic success
  • Accompanying mixed management/union workgroups for reaching agreement
  • Accompanying the personnel to the use of new approaches, tools and systems
  • Redefinition of the roles of managers and employees of the centres of excellence

We use proven, and create new, tailored-made, analytical tools and approaches 

  • Learning about self or others, with personality test (MBTI, Colors), profiling (Empreinte), TMS approach
  • Team cohesion seminar
  • Training methods (case, e-learning, coaching, personal application)
  • Active listening
  • Knowledge management
  • Approach of provisional management of employment and competences  
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