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Françoise Falisse

Françoise FALISSE

Certified Coach, expert in change management, and certified consultant for method AEC discÔ (and Rainbow method), she has trained in the systemic analysis of organizations, in organization culture for a precise management.  

She works with individuals, groups and organizations as coach, trainer, consultant and facilitator. She looks after meaningful actions with links to talent emergence.

She has developed her independent activity in Marocco. She has broadened her independent activity in Marocco. She has broadened her experience in service sectors, individual coaching, team building and training. 

She links change management with project systemic management, in which she commits management from the start of the project on, and takes into account the various levels of the organization for a better understanding its interrelations and facilitate adhesion.

Seven years as expatriate (in Nigeria, Egypt, Marocco) has developed the sharpness of her perception of change, a sensitivity to inter-cultural relations and a great respect for humankind.

She is a member of the Board of ABCAL (Association Belge des Cadres d’Achats et de la Logistique) and she participates actively to the FCEB association (Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise de Belgique).

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