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Albert Puttaert


His main consulting domain is the livening up and accompaniment of participative projects of radical change, with frequent use of value management methods. 

These projects may be fundamental challenge (strategic re-directing of companies or institutions, re-design of products or processes) They may may as well be continuous progress actions, with the application of Total Quality management methods. 

The scope of his experience is wide: engineering, building, heavy machanical construction, railroad, agro-food industries, non-ferrous metals, environmental protection, institutions, advertising and light signaling, automobile, aerospace, defense, sport activities, public lights, industrial ventilation. 

He is an expert in value management who is recognized at European level. He holds a TVM, the highest level of trainer in Value Management. He is presently member of the European Governing Board managing and publishing the European System of Training and Certification in Value Management. 

He is also a founding member in 1999 of the Walloon Movement for Quality, and he is an Adviser of ABCAL (Association Belge ddes Cadres d'Achat et de Logistique)

His backround is of Civil  Electro-Mechanical Engineer from the Liège University. He holds also an MBA from the EPM, completed by an IMD (Lausanne) training. 

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