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Marc Fourny

Marc FOURNY            

His domains of concentration and intervention include: 

1. analysis of strategic change needs residing in the mission, the organization, the management and the resources -human, in particular- of the enterprise; 2. governing, participation, accompaniment of continuous change or radical process reengineering projects, exploiting leverage of system inetgration or transversal, operational processes; 3. help in the implementation of necessary resources and competences for a successful change, and assistance in the perpetuation of the change benefits and in progress measures, through sensivitation, traing and coaching and in responding to the update and re-direct management attention and priorities. 

His assignments cover such diverse sectors as: automobile, agro-food industries, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metals, construction materials, high eductaion, publishing and editing, humanitarian organizations, banks and insurance. His experience comes from 3 complementary activities: 

1. professional management and organization consulting in 3 great U.S. firms (Consultant for Accenture; Parner-in-Charge of A.T. Kearney Brussels; Senior Vice-President Europe of Computer Science Corporation - Index) from 1977 until the founding of Acclivity in 1996. In addition, he created, and managed during 4 years the internal audit of Kraft benelux-France. 2. professor benefitting from consulting, as well as providing it solid background. He is Guest Lecturer at UCL (Univ. Louvain) since 1988 and contributed to the continuous learning programs of universités de Brussels, Saint-Petersburg, Lisbon, Kiev et Johannesburg. He is Training and Education Manager of Logistics in Wallonia, the Walloon Competitiveness Pole for transport and logistics. he is an expert in training and professional competence management in organizations such as AEQES, SFMQ and Forem. 3. Implication in diverses associations providing a rich experience in sharing and exchanging ideas, knowledge and opinion. He is President of ABCAL (Association Belge des Cadres d'Achat et de Logistique),  in which he created and managed a new training program, PITRASC, dedicated to Logistic Middle Managers. He is also the Executive Director of the Executive Master in International Supply Chain Management, another life-long learning type of training of strategic level, jointly organized by UCL and ABCAL. 

He holds an MBA from Cornell Univ. (USA). He is M. Sc. Economics (orient. Econometrics and Operations Research) and  holds a Diploma in Sociology, both from UCL. 

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