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Strategic change - Redesigning the business plan and creating conditions of its implementation

We help our clients in such assignments as 

  • For a French engineering group, running the process of strategic vision definition 
  • Helping the industrial and logistical positioning of a global food company 
  • Redesigning the communication policy of a French construction and public works group 
  • For a major public administration, developing a product and process ecological efficiency measure 
  • Following a strategic restructuring , accompanying the culture change of a life insurance company 
  • Redefining the strategic positioning of a British food company 

Transformation of organization systems and structure

We help our clients in such assignments as 

  • Optimization of facility and utilities investment costs in a French automotive component manufacturer
  • For a German automobile manufacturer, reengineering of the European Supply Chain
  • Reconfiguration of purchasing and student admission processes of a major university
  • Transformation of the supply chain planning process of a British food company
  • Reengineering of the part supply to the assembly line of a Belgian site of a global automobile manufacturer
  • Optimization of the computerized purcase catalog of a French construction and public works company

Strengthening management rules and practices and planning-and-control tools 

We help our clients in such assignments as

  • Induction of the executive team of an aerospace company to ultimate project-based management
  • Assistance of the CEO of a Scandinavian telecom group in the externalization of its cellular operations
  • Rehaul of the computerized system of commercial management for a French construction and public works company
  • Individual coaching of a plant executive of a British food group
  • Help to the European executive committee of a U.S. metal producer for a better handling of the integration of actual sites and new acquisition
  • Reinforcement of the management team of a French company specialized in land cleansing and site rehabilitation
  • For an important NGO, improvement of the structure and the competences of the human resource department
  • Assistance in the reinforcement decisiveness and cohesion of the European executive team of a major metal specialties group

Orchestration of human, financial and facility resources

We help our clients in such assignments as 

  • Improvement of the cohesion of the management and employees of a group of pharmaceutical test laboratories
  • Seminar for strategic alignment of the executives of a major mutual insurance company
  • Accompanying mixed management/union workgroups of a British food company in the search for innovative intiatives to respond to crisis 
  • Sensitization of the management team of the French site of a US pharmaceutical company to the stakes and benefits of participation
  • Accompanying the personnel of a specialty metal producer to consolidate and improve the use of an ERP system
  • From the elaboration of the new mission of the European affiliate of a U.S. software group, redefinition of the roles of managers and employees of the centres of excellence

Development of knowledge, know-how and behavior, and learner coaching

We help our clients in such assignments as

  • For a British food producer, development and delivery of training programs  in change management at the central HRM and top and middle management levels in its European plants
  • Development and appropriation test of TS (automobile) quality norms of an important sub-contractor
  • Deployment of continuous improvement approach in the jobshops of a national railway operator
  • Organiztion and preparation of a training in european financial institutions for Ukrainian bank managers
  • Organiztion and monitoring of several executive training programs in logistic and Supply Chain management 
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