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Management change

Strengthening management rules and practices and planning-and-control tools 

We help our clients in such assignments as

  • Induction of the executive team of an aerospace company to ultimate project-based management
  • Assistance of the CEO of a Scandinavian telecom group in the externalization of its cellular operations
  • Rehaul of the computerized system of commercial management for a French construction and public works company
  • Individual coaching of a plant executive of a British food group
  • Help to the European executive committee of a U.S. metal producer for a better handling of the integration of actual sites and new acquisition
  • Reinforcement of the management team of a French company specialized in land cleansing and site rehabilitation
  • For an important NGO, improvement of the structure and the competences of the human resource department
  • Assistance in the reinforcement decisiveness and cohesion of the European executive team of a major metal specialties group

We use proven, and create new, tailor-made, analytical tools and approaches 

  • Prototypes and pilots of new organization implementation 
  • Training of project-based structure and management 
  • Process mapping for managerial use 
  • Tailored manuals for good management practice in ethics and quality assurance
  • Self-assessment techniques
  • Strategis project management tools
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